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Close your eyes.
Open your imagination.

You are outdoors. You went to the mountains. To that nook in the river where you dream to fish. To the forest. That’s your kids’ laughter, your friend opening a bottle. You hear? Do you smell that? It’s hot coffee in the crisp morning. What are you guys cooking over there? Burgers, hot-dogs, maybe that fish your buddy got and will continue to brag about for years… Or are you cooking memories?

We know your imagination harbors all of this and more. And we’re here to help you make those outings real with Ushi, the all-purpose compact trailer. Lightweight and durable; easy to use, easy to tow, and easy to store; versatile and practical: Ushi makes the step from your imagination to your adventure simple and easy.

We came up with this idea on a beautiful day of trekking on the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. There were campers going to and from their cars with stuff, boxes falling to the floor, tents, grills, coolers, you could feel their exertion and hear the occasional realization of what they had forgotten back home.

We thought: these guys will be exhausted when they finally get set. We also thought: it’s got to be easier. There has to be something to make a camping excursion, a fishing trip with friends, or an afternoon of tailgating easier. What should that something be like? Light, small, strong, agile, fun, versatile, safe. All those traits made us think of our little Jack Russell, called Ushi.

We came up with Ushi, an all-purpose, compact trailer that gives you the freedom to go wherever your imagination drives you to cook your best memories.