Whether you’re off to a popular, crowded beach or headed to your special secret  spot, Ushi has you covered.  Lightweight and easy to tow, Ushi goes with you anywhere and everywhere – no need for a big truck, just attach it to your car and you’re set.

Ready to rally for your team?  Tailgating is easy with Ushi….   The grill, the chairs, the table, the gazebo, cooler, speakers,  the snacks – all stored in one place.  And when you return home, all your gear will be neatly stored ready for the next game day.  You’ll only need to refill the food & drinks and you & Ushi will be good to go!

USHI is your ultimate fishing pal – Being able to have your rod & gear in check is very important but what about chairs for relaxation, a grill for your BBQ and a cooler to bring home your catch?  With USHI you can bring all this along in a compact and hassle-free manner & enjoy your perfect getaway. 

Camping is all about connection with nature and with others.   It’s that simple.   And Ushi is all about making that experience as simple as possible. Ushi allows you to haul your gear, the people you want by your side and even your trusty bicycle or inflatable kayak to your dream destination.