Frequently asked questions

The answer is most probably yes, but please check your vehicle’s owners’ manual or consult with your dealer. At only 750 pounds unloaded, and an estimated 1100 pounds with a full gear load, Ushi is an extremely lightweight (though impressively durable!) partner for your outdoors experiences. For comparison’s sake, most sedans can tow more than 1,500 pounds.

To tow your Ushi you will need a hitch and trailer wiring for the trailer lights. The ball for your hitch should be 17/8 inches, and the ball should be 18 inches from the ground to the middle of the ball. Tow packages can generally be installed in car dealerships and hitch install shops, including U-Haul and Discount Hitch. The wiring connector should be a [4 pin round wiring connector]. Should you have any doubts, we strongly recommend you consult your vehicle’s owners’ manual and talk to your dealer or mechanic.

Yes, the Ushi has tail/running lights, brake lights, and turn signal lights. To connect them with your vehicle you will need a [standard flat 4 pin connector]. [If your Ushi comes equipped with the optional electrical combo, you will need a sarassing connector.

No. Since it is a very lightweight trailer, Ushi does not need trailer brakes.

The Ushi’s tires are interstate safe, but different states have different maximum towing speeds. Please remember to check what those are before you go on the road, and since we are at it: also remember to regularly check your Ushi’s and your vehicle’s tires condition and pressure.
The folks at Uhaul have something to say about speed and trailers which you might find interesting:

There is no need to winterize your Ushi, since it holds no liquids and aluminum responds very well to the cold. As for wet conditions, aluminum does not rust. You could still use a cover if you want to keep your Ushi nice and clean, and you can order a cover from us here.

As long as it takes you to hitch your Ushi to your vehicle… which should be about half a minute. Just load your Ushi up with the supplies and gear you need, and you are ready to hit the road. Also, Ushi can be a real partner to help you keep your gear organized and ready.

If you have experience towing trailers, you’ll see towing an Ushi is very easy, since our trailer is really light and compact. If you haven’t done it before, Ushi is, for the same reasons, a great place to start.
Having said that, towing affects driving and there is obviously a learning curve. The two most obvious changes you’ll have to adjust to are: you’ll need a wider turning radius, so approach your turns wider than you’d normally do; and you will need more distance to stop, so begin slowing down earlier and increase the distance with the vehicles in front of you. The most challenging part, though, is backing up: it is not intuitive, and it takes some time getting used to. Our recommendations: put some practice at home and remember that, if your Ushi gets misaligned, it is very easy to get it back in line by just moving forward a yard or two.

It is extremely easy to hitch and unhitch once you get your vehicle set up. Detailed instructions can be found in the user’s manual. Given Ushi’s lightness, you don’t need much strength either, so just about anyone can do it.

Not a lot, really. You’ll probably want to lubricate the bearings in the tires once a year, and check your tire pressure as you would with your vehicle.

Yes, it does. Every Ushi comes with a 1 year guarantee for any manufacture-related issue. Should you have any problem, you can contact us and we’ll do our best to solve it as fast as possible. The guarantee covers the frame, body, cabinetry, and any additionals contracted from us. It does not cover normal wear and tear, road or trail damage, or misuse.

Any RV dealer or car mechanic should be able to solve any repairs your Ushi might need. Ushi’s design is unique and proprietary, but we manufacture it with standard parts that are common in the RV world, so repairs should be straightforward. Still, we are right here to help you get your dealer or mechanic with any parts you might need, so don’t hesitate to contact us. If you think your guarantee might cover the repairs, please contact us before you get any work started on your Ushi, as stated in the guarantee agreement.

We do not offer financing ourselves at this time, but you can probably get financing with your bank or specialized vendors such as LightStream.

All of Ushi’s compartments are securable with standard locks so you can keep your gear safe.

“Our trailers are securable in a number of ways; both of the cabin doors lock with a deadbolt and handle lock, the windows latch from the inside, and the hatch is lockable at both handles. We offer a custom made high-security tongue lock of our own design for use when the trailer is not connected to your vehicle in camp or at home. Simply remove the trailer’s coupler, and insert the tongue lock for a quick and easy security solution. If you would like additional security measures, lowering the trailer jacks, using wheel locks (boot locks), and even removing the tow chains are all extra precautions you may take in addition to the use of one of our tongue locks. ”