Camper Trailer Review by Let’s Go Outside

camper trailer review moore expo

In the video, our friends from “Let’s Go Outside” visit our booth at the MOORE Expo 2024. Together, we embark on a detailed tour of our trailer models, highlighting the features and design of both the Chuck (prototype) and the OG. Viewers get an up-close look at the innovative aspects of the Chuck (prototype), as well as the OG model, showcasing all the extras it can hold without sacrificing compactness and lightness. This video provides an overview for anyone interested in our latest offerings from Ushi Outdoors.

As part of this camper trailer review at the event, the unique strengths of our compact trailers are highlighted. At the MOORE Expo 2024, attendees had the opportunity to see firsthand how our trailers adapt to a variety of outdoor activities, from camping and fishing to tailgating, beach trips, and many more.

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